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While many people think that cybersecurity is the finality of cybercrime, it actually is not. There are times that even the best cybersecurity companies and organizations experience breaches in the system – and that has been proven in history.

Time and time again, there are threats to the data and the controlled unclassified information (CUI) of the United States; and basically, that’s what the CMMC is all about.


Understanding the CMMC

The CMMC, short for the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, is one of the many standards that have been put up and established by the Department of Defense. It’s a standard that actually helps them identify which contractors and organizations to work with.

You can think of it as the CMMC being the training ground for aspiring contractors of the CMMC – that, before being awarded a contract, they need to be certified against the CMMC.

CMMC Levels

Unlike other standards, the CMMC is comprised of five (5) different standards. These standards pertain to the level of literacy a cybersecurity company has.

It spans of like this:

  1. Level 1 – Performed

It is the level wherein businesses and organizations perform specified practices that are focused on the protection of the FCI. This level consists of only practices that relate to basic safekeeping and safeguarding of data and information.

  1. Level 2 – Documented

Following the first level, this level outlines and details the information that businesses and organizations need in terms of establishing and documenting practices and rules that guide and implement CMMC into their efforts.

  1. Level 3 – Managed

From the previous level, the 3rd level or the Managed level is the stage or the phase wherein businesses and organizations focus less on FCI and more on the protection of CUI. This covers basic practices plus 20 and above more other practices that pertain to the mitigation and the reduction of threats.

  1. Level 4 – Reviewed

This level puts requirements on organizations to review, assess, and measure the practices for the purpose of making them efficient and effective for the company or the organization.

It’s also the level that focuses on CUI and has capabilities that are given to businesses and organizations in addressing change and modification of tactics for further development.

  1. Level 5 – Optimizing

This is the level that you need to attain to officially become CMMC certified. It’s the level that aims nothing but to improve and develop business processes and procedures.

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